The nursery started after a meeting between Peder Stræde Madsen and Morten Hedegaard Jensen in 2001. At the time, the Fargesia market was gradually being restored after flowering occurred in the 90s. Peder convinced Morten to devote 100 m2 greenhouse for testing.


After selecting several varieties adapted to the local climate, the company then focuses these efforts on multiplication, planting, potting, and marketing. In 2007, the nursery dedicated 4000 m2 of greenhouse and 3 ha. in the ground in the production of Fargesia.


Production is increasing gradually to meet the increasing demand. Pemo produce now about 800 000 Fargesia on two production sites: Glamsbjerg in Denmark to supply the Northern European market and since 2019 in Coimbra (Portugal) to supply the Southern European market.

Always in constant progress and improvement, the company now also produces Ferns, Grasses, Trees, Phormium, Hebe....

From the beginning, the nursery is committed to produce high quality plants for professional in Gardening and Landscaping sector.