The nursery started after a meeting between Peder Stræde Madsen and Morten Hedegaard Jensen in 2001. At the time, the Fargesia market was gradually being restored after flowering occurred in the 90s. Peder convinced Morten to devote 100 m2 greenhouse for testing. 

After selecting several varieties adapted to the local climate, the company then focuses these efforts on multiplication, planting, potting and marketing. In 2007, the nursery dedicated 4000 m2 of greenhouse and 3 ha. in the ground in the production of Fargesia. 

Fargesia production is increasing gradually to meet the ever-increasing demand. In 2011, the nursery produces about 150,000 plants of all sizes.

We allocated 1,4 ha. greenhouse and 7 hectares of open ground.


Always in constant progress and improvement, the company now produces about 300,000 plants per year, divided into ten varieties and seven different pot size. 

Today, with 20,000 m2 of greenhouse glass and 30 ha. in the ground in Denmark and around 200 000 m2 of growing area in Portugal, Pemo became the largest producer of Fargesia in Northern Europe. 

Our plants are distributed throughout Europe mainly in the Gardening and Landscape sector.