From the beginning, the nursery Pemo, has been committed to produce quality Fargesia.

Potted production is kept under glass greenhouse at 5 ºC. This allows us to maintain a homogeneous production throughout the year.

After the winter phase, the potted plants are transferred outside in spring on an open ground area. They are then transferred back into greenhouse in the fall. This acclimate the plants to outside weather conditions. The plants are more robust, the foliage remains green and some health problems are eradicated.

Our fields are regularly enriched (soil fertilizers). The soil enrichment increases the root system and homogenized plant height.

The multiplication is performed only by hand made the division of our mother stock. This method represents a significant burden for labour but we consider that the only appropriate method to produce the expected quality by professional landscape and garden center.

This qualitative approach allows for a healthy, homogeneous production, minimizes maintenance store, guarantee a good recovery after planting and continued growth.